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August 30, 2010

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We go to school to grow up and be smart.

We are smart so that we can have a job.

We have a job to pay the bills.

We pay the bills so that we can be satisfied with tangible things.

When do we learn that to be wise is to appreciate the family and loved ones around you?  Why does our society place such a high emphasis on money, stature, and appearance?  It is because those who have these things are hiding behind them? 

A poor man with the love of his life is richer than the richest man in the world.  How many of us believe this?  We all talk about it but what happens when you lose everything?  What happens when the one you love is hurt? 

Unfortunately for many of us, it takes a serious incident or a loved one being hurt for us to realize that no matter what kind of car we drive, how much is in our bank accounts, how many outfits are in our closets from Europe, or how many friends we have, that the people we love mean more to us than any amount of money?  Recently, I had one of these situations and I have finally had the experience to know that no matter what we have in this world, the welfare of our loved ones means the most. 

Looking in the eyes of a child, a spouse, a sibling, a parent, a cousin, and begging their forgiveness for allowing pain to enter their life is an event that I wish upon no one.  So the next time your kids ask you to play out back on your way to the gym, think of them before yourself.  You can get a workout running around the backyard.  When your spouse gives you that look that they need to talk and you have a project due for work, take the hit at the office or pull and all-nighter.  You never know what they need.  It might just be the last night of their life…