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August 14, 2010

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Why do we turn our heads?

Why do we think that it is from drugs or alcohol?

What is it that drives such a negative connotation to mental illness?

Professional Football players suffer from concussions that result in TBI which has significant behavioral effects down the road.  Do we think any less of these people who end up medicated and at home?  A resounding NO.

My biggest concern is with the innocent victims of mental illness: children.  It was not drugs that they ingested willingly.  It was not any sport that they willingly took part in that they knew had negative consequences.  These children simply are and now they suffer.  How many organizations for mental illness are the big celebrities backing?  While I applaud the work of thousands like them, many folks are not getting the word out that there are children who can be treated and who can be success stories. The problem?  There is a lack of funding.  There is a lack of publicity.  There is a lack of interest.  It stems from the fact that mental illness and behavior health issues are “ugly” in today’s society. 

Why are all of those “normal” folks out there not doing everything that they can to support the resolution of mental illness?  By that I do NOT mean eradication of the population (identifying genetic traits during fetal development and aborting baby).

What have you done today to help another fair soul in your community?  When is the last time you asked a homeless person what troubles them or to just listen to their stories?