Random Thoughts

Hello Kitty….

I like to use this space for thoughts on nothing.


2 Responses to “Random Thoughts”

  1. sustaintolive Says:

    I can feel the air that passes through my nose as it moves through my sinus cavity and in to my lungs. I can feel my heart beat. I can feel the blood flow through my veins. This consciousness is incredible. When the moments pass that are too difficult to deal with, I return to my space where I can focus on these things. It is my escape from life. from people. from the stressors of the world. When I cannot fathom life in another 50 years for my son and his family, I think of these things. When I think of the friends who have perished well before their time and those who have taken their lives becasue they had no outlet… It is peace.
    I love to lay on the hammock and see red spots through my eyelids where the sun is burning through. The warmth, the comfort, the freedom of laying weightless in space where all that surrounds me is the air; the chirping of the birds, the crickets keeping a beat in the background; the whisper of the wind passes my skin, leaving me energized and completely calm.
    My mind wanders to the future, the past, the unknown. I imagine floating down a river on a lotus flower. I imagine curing cancer. I imagine a home for every child and animal.

  2. sustaintolive Says:

    Josh Turner’s, “Everything is Fine”

    Listen to this while you are on a nice oversized rocking chair overlooking the freshly cut back yard. Smell the lawn, hear the birds, read a bit, and enlighten yourself.

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