Substance without Substance

March 13, 2010

Old-fashioned pharmacy, all wood and glass

Image by Curious Expeditions via Flickr

Knowledge is power. 

In order to maintain a sustainable source of knowledge, the education system must protect the diversity of ideas.  When the message is constant, there is only one source of supply. 

Just as in the case of any natural resource, overuse of any one resource will cause its elimination. 

I am very concerned about the “stupidification” (yep, I’m making up a word) of today’s society.  We have laws to ensure that our students can pass tests.  The only trouble with this is that the tests are published and teachers teach the tests.  Therefore, the creators of the tests define the knowledge base of our nation. 

Teachers place unruly children in Special Education and insist upon the parents medicating the children in the name of collective learning.  Doctors willingly pass out prescriptions like candy. ..

The next few generations will be programmed in the exact manner that the leadership of today wishes them.  Does this not frighten anyone? 

When a resource is focused on and depleted, it is gone.