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August 30, 2010

The School of Athens, fresco by Raphael (1509 ...

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We go to school to grow up and be smart.

We are smart so that we can have a job.

We have a job to pay the bills.

We pay the bills so that we can be satisfied with tangible things.

When do we learn that to be wise is to appreciate the family and loved ones around you?  Why does our society place such a high emphasis on money, stature, and appearance?  It is because those who have these things are hiding behind them? 

A poor man with the love of his life is richer than the richest man in the world.  How many of us believe this?  We all talk about it but what happens when you lose everything?  What happens when the one you love is hurt? 

Unfortunately for many of us, it takes a serious incident or a loved one being hurt for us to realize that no matter what kind of car we drive, how much is in our bank accounts, how many outfits are in our closets from Europe, or how many friends we have, that the people we love mean more to us than any amount of money?  Recently, I had one of these situations and I have finally had the experience to know that no matter what we have in this world, the welfare of our loved ones means the most. 

Looking in the eyes of a child, a spouse, a sibling, a parent, a cousin, and begging their forgiveness for allowing pain to enter their life is an event that I wish upon no one.  So the next time your kids ask you to play out back on your way to the gym, think of them before yourself.  You can get a workout running around the backyard.  When your spouse gives you that look that they need to talk and you have a project due for work, take the hit at the office or pull and all-nighter.  You never know what they need.  It might just be the last night of their life…


The wealth at the bottom

August 17, 2010

World Map flat Mercator

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The marketing of products and services to the poor of the world will increase your bottom line as well as improve the economic and social well-being of those nations. 

Transparency is in and demagoguery is out.  The time has come, as Friedman writes, that the World is Flat.  While many have argued that his positions are simply justification for companies to export cheap labor, the resounding cry remains:  There is money to be made amongst the poorer, under-developed nations of the world. 

Ayn Rand argues that humans are the only species that change the environment to its needs.  All other species adapt to the environment.  While this is an alarming reminder of the environmental destruction that we as humans have caused, it also raises a valid point Why can’t we change the environment to adapt to itself?  If the Biomimicry movement is true and humans can mimic nature, why can’t new production be modeled after nature, creating a cycle of natural rejuvenation?  Why do we as a human race, have to conduct business that will hurt that which is around us? 

If this world is flat and we can create products and services that will develop these under-developed nations, cause them to conduct more trade with developed nations, in a manner which is sustainable and which increases the bottom line, then why would companies not do this?

The answer:  The marketplace is not demanding it yet.  Consumers want cheap cheap.  In today’s bludgeoning economy, we seek the best deal and not the best product.  Unfortunately, companies are slashing budgets as credit becomes tight, and research and development is suffering as a result.  This means we will not improve our technology advances and never achieve the biomimicry that will allow us to achieve this euphoria.

The Tea Party

June 28, 2010

Constitution of the United States of America

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I’m interested to know, what would “Pluribus”  and “Cato” think of all of this chatter?

Are the folks who attach themselves to the Tea Party as Constitutionalists running on a Federalist or Republican platform based upon the true intent of the framers?

Do we have such an amazing fascination with the framers that we forget that there was intense debate amongst those men as well? 

I’m currently in the middle of The Federalist Papers to remind me of one half of the political philosophy of the time.  I recommend each of us take the time to refresh ourselves with American history….